@toondoo on Unlimited vs. Limited Government

By collaborating with the seventh grade social studies teachers, my students created works of digital storytelling where they could teach me the basics of limited/unlimited government, why the Magna Carta came about or about Queen Elizabeth

They were able to view my ToonDoo Tutorials to complete it. Check them out so you can do this in your class

This is one about the Magna Carta as told by Obama


Mr. Spock also teachers about the differences between Limited and Unlimited Govt

Here is an insanely creative masterpiece that has every celebrity possible – even Bieber

The “true” story of the signing of the Magna Carta

<a href=”

Wendell “gets” a DeLorean and talks about the Magna Carta

“Batman” and Matt discuss history

Laly talks about the English Bill of Rights and the controversy at school on a test

AND NOW…for some of the work from the sixth block students
Dave Mustaine, the lead singer of Megadeth, teaches me about the Magna Carta

Barack Obama and Hunter go back in time to see the Magna Carta get signed

Demonte and a floating Barack Obama head

Brandi and Steven Spielberg discuss Bloody Mary


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