8th grade student gallery of @morriscooke Photo Puppet movies on American artists #artsed #mlearning #edtech #edapp

8th grade BWMS art students had to pick one American artist from a selected list. They then had to type up a biography paragraph on Edmodo prior to receiving their IPod.

81_alexis_81.MP4 Watch on Posterous

Afterwards, students had to log into their Edmodo site, where I posted a link of student photos. I took a photo of the students in front of green paper to simulate a green screen effect. Unfortunately, the Photo Puppet Go app doesn’t have the “remove green” effect that my IPad app has.

82_mikey.MP4 Watch on Posterous

Once students downloaded their picture from Edmodo, they then had to import it as a puppet in the Photo Puppet Go app

82_sarah_j.MP4 Watch on Posterous

The next step, students had to download one piece of art from their artist and then upload it as a  background in the Photo Puppet app

81_austin81.MP4 Watch on Posterous

Finally, students combined their puppet and the background into a scene. Within the scene, they would animate their puppet while recording their voice which demonstrated their research on the artist.

81_hogan.MP4 Watch on Posterous

When the film was done, a student could Tweet about it, upload it ot their YouTube account or save it to the camera roll.

8-1 films:

81_taylor_81.MP4 Watch on Posterous

81_hunter_be_81.MP4 Watch on Posterous

81_justice.MP4 Watch on Posterous

81_nick.MP4 Watch on Posterous

8-2 Films

82_tremont_82.MP4 Watch on Posterous

82_botto.MP4 Watch on Posterous

82_hope.MP4 Watch on Posterous

82_john_r_82.MP4 Watch on Posterous

82_lexi_82.MP4 Watch on Posterous

82_quinton.MP4 Watch on Posterous

82_sarah_h_82.MP4 Watch on Posterous

82_sarah_j.MP4 Watch on Posterous




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