8th grade Linear Perspective student gallery work Falll ’11 #artsed #perspective #artlesson #horry

We actually spent a day or two on perspective prior to this, but I think it helped for them to understand the connection between doing a Dilation in Math class and the repetitive process of creating a checkerboard.


5th block (Day 1)

After getting the initial structure of the hallway down, students did the repetitive process of creating a checkerboard for all four sides of the hallway, but slightly vary it for the brickwork.

5th block (Day 2)

On the final day of the project, the students got to hang out back in the room to clean up their drawings. Basically, they should have erased excess lines, outlined the drawing, and if time – colored it to show value

1st block (Last day)

5th block (Last day)