GIMP #tutorials to edit photos and make a collage #artsed #horry #edtech #opensource


GIMP is a free tool that you can use as an alternative to editing photos and doing special effects. If you would like to use Adobe Photoshop with your students but don’t want to shell out the money – this open source alternative is an excellent resource for you

My students will be cutting/editing photos of themselves to either create a digital portrait of themselves, or possibly insert themselves into a movie poster.  Please view these tutorials that I created below with Jing software so that you can create your work of art and post it on Edmodo for the class to share:

Tutorial # 1 – My first tutorial with GIMP shows you how to use this open source program and open up saved pics, cut out a specific piece and then paste it as a new layer on a different background. After that, you can scale the pasted image to fit     

Tutorial #2 – My second tutorial shows you how to arrange layers and save your file as a .XCF. Layers can be moved, stacked, rotated and trimmed to develop your work into a collage. My goal of this tutorial is to put two images in between one another  

Tutorial #3 – My third tutorial with GIMP shows you how to adjust the color/brightness of a layer, utilize special effects (filters), add text and to save your final work as a .JPG for Edmodo


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