In A World Trailers on Age of Exploration / Renaissance #edtech

8th and 7th grade students utilized the mobile IPod app “In a World” to create a movie trailer that showed off the artwork they were currently learning in Social Studies. The 8th graders just wrapped up a unit on Native Americans, so they primarily featured Cherokee artwork. The 7th graders were studying the Age of Exploration, which was also featured some moments during the Renaissance.

botto_cherokee.qt Watch on Posterous

indian.qt Watch on Posterous

christopher_columbus_beast.qt Watch on Posterous

chris_columbus_history_geek.qt Watch on Posterous

fur_traders.qt Watch on Posterous

columbus3.qt Watch on Posterous

chris_columbus.qt Watch on Posterous

the_century_starts_here.qt Watch on Posterous

columbus2.qt Watch on Posterous

leonardo_da_vinci.qt Watch on Posterous


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