BWMS Visual Arts Procedures & Consequences Quiz

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

BWMS Visual Arts Procedures & Consequences Quiz

Be sure to answer all of the questions below using any of the handouts that I gave you or review games

Student name * (type your name above in order to get a grade)

Which of these is NOT a possible procedure to follow DURING class *

  • Get the necessary materials & return to seat promptly.
  • Get materials, but run back to your seat and around the room
  • Talk quietly when permitted.
  • No food or drink in class.

What do you do when Mr. G is counting down to five? *

  • sit down
  • sit down and be quiet
  • pay attention
  • all of the above

Where can you find YOUR daily objective? * (what will you be learning today – BE SPECIFIC!) on the board under my class on the book shelf the projector screen

What procedures do you follow in case you need to use the restroom? * ( BE SPECIFIC!)

What is the color for your CLASS and where can you find evidence of it? * ( BE SPECIFIC!)

Which of these is NOT an EXIT procedure in order to leave class for the day * select one

  • Clean tools and area (on top of, beneath, and around the desk).
  • Put work in proper space
  • Leave class once the clock says it is time to leave
  • Sit down in assigned seat and wait for me to dismiss you.

Which of these is NOT an Off Limits area of the classroom * select one

  • Mr G's Podium
  • Mr G's Office
  • Cabinet under the TV
  • Student supply closet
  • Kiln and Storage Closet

The two biggest classroom rules that Mr. Gorcesky enforces are: * select one

  • Student safety and success
  • No touching and no out of seat socializing
  • Not misusing supplies and staying in seats
  • Staying out of the office and kiln
  • Come to class on time and do warm ups

What 2 Things should a student ALWAYS come prepared with into the classroom? * type it in

What procedures must a student do if they are tardy to class? * type it in

Which of these is NOT one of the five possible ENTRANCE procedures for the class? * pick one Enter class quietly Sharpen your pencil Get your portfolio Wait after the warm up is done to ask if you can use the restroom Sit in your assigned seat Begin the Warm Up.

What is NOT one of the five ways you can lose points for the class? * 5 of these are how I will TAKE POINTS AWAY from class

  • If anyone is out of their seats or talking after Mr. Gorcesky counts to five at the start of class.
  • Students returned to their locker after class begins
  • Five students didn't do the warm up, so five points were lost
  • Students used rr prior to first 30 minutes of class
  • Students went to nurse prior to first 30 minutes
  • For any student that was tardy—one point will be lost for each student that is tardy

What is NOT one of the five ways you can earn points for the class? * 5 of these are how you EARN your canteen points everyday

  • All students write their statements during the warm up
  • No one receives any major infractions (detention)
  • No garbage is left on or around desks
  • No personal belongings are left behind
  • All chairs and stools are pushed in
  • Everyone comes to class on time


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